Ragdoll by Daniel Cole



Wow. This was a book that certainly takes no prisoners! I’ve seen so much talk and hype about this book and managed to receive a copy before it was published.

I really enjoyed the tense feeling that was apparent throughout the book. I think my heart was actually pounding at times as I was completely enthralled with the characters and writing style.

The book starts with a ‘body’ being discovered in a block of flats but on closer inspection it is actually different limbs from 6 different people. Why were they chosen?

The race is on for the detectives on the case to try and figure out what is happening next. This isn’t made easy by the fact they seem to be 2 steps behind the ‘Ragdoll’ killer and matters aren’t helped with the interfering of an ambitious news journalist.

I liked the different points of views from the detectives on the case, the main character being Wolf whose story and background you are introduced to at the start of the story.

A really enjoyable and fast paced debut that I thoroughly enjoyed and am looking forward to more!


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