Pendulum by Adam Hamdy

This is such a good book! 

I will admit, I have had this book on my to be read pile since Christmas and it was only after a friend started it and said how much she was enjoying it that I thought I would start too (despite having a very large to be read/review pile!). This was also chosen as a Radio 2 Book Club book of the week so it must be good!

The book is very fast paced and once you get reading, it’s quite hard to stop.

We are introduced to John Wallace as he wakes up in his flat with a noose around his neck. He has no idea why and is obviously terror stricken about what is shortly about to be the end of his life. Fate intervenes however and he manages to escape. This is the start of the journey as he tries to make sense of what has just happened and also trying (but failing) to convince the police and the hospital that he hadn’t done this to himself.

Throughout the story the rug is pulled from under you. Just when you think something is going to happen to actually help John Wallace, no. Rug well and truly pulled. Particularly one part which I won’t mention….. well actually two parts.

The action then moves to America where it is ramped up some more and we discover that there are other victims like John. I quite liked the new characters that were introduced and you could see the change in John as he slowly becomes a little Bourne-esque which I really liked! You begin to learn a little bit more about the actions of the ‘Pendulum’ and why these things have happened.

This book is very addictive reading, especially for me as I love stories that leave you wanting to just read it all in one sitting (I managed over a couple of days). I think the ending was good and sets up from what I have read, another book in this series.

All in all a great book, great story and great characters – I will definitely be reading the next in this series.


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