Review Policy


I’m happy to review books so if would like to get in touch about a blog tour or book review you can contact me at:

I’m happy to read ebooks and physical books although I cannot guarantee that I can read every book I receive.

I will always review honestly and won’t post a negative review. I do not receive any payment for my reviews or from my blog.

I post reviews on my blog and also post this to Amazon, Goodreads and Netgalley (if received via them). I also tweet my reviews on my Twitter account (@TheBroadbean)

I enjoy the following genre of books:

  • Crime thriller

  • Psychological thriller

  • Action

  • Spy thriller

  • Historical crime and fiction

  • Women’s fiction

  • Romance / chick lit


Please note I don’t tend to read fantasy, science fiction or horror so would prefer not to be contacted about these types of books.      

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you should have any questions!    


Thank you for reading.