#BlogTour – When I Lost You by Merilyn Davies @nellbelleandme @ArrowPublishing

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for When I Lost You by Merilyn Davies.

When I Lost You was released in eBook on 1st July 2019 and follows in paperback on 22nd August 2019.


When I Lost You by [Davies, Merilyn]

When a young couple are the lead suspects for the murder of their only child, Crime Analyst Carla Brown and DS Nell Jackson are assigned to investigate.

The evidence seems conclusive, but something just doesn’t feel right.

The case is quickly cast into doubt when the lead forensic pathologist starts receiving threatening letters – containing details only the police should know.

Who’s sending them? What do they want? And how did they get hold of the information?

As Carla and Nell dig deeper, it soon becomes clear that this case isn’t the first of its kind.

They must stop at nothing to find the truth – even if it hits close to home.

* * * * * * * * *

Thank you to Rachel Kennedy and the publisher for issuing me with my copy of the book and for inviting me on the blog tour.

When I Lost You is the first in a new fresh series featuring a civilian Crime Analyst Carla Brown and DS Nell Jackson – the added bonus of this is that the author, Merilyn Davies was also a former Crime Analyst so I was interested to read this straight away!

We follow an almost routine investigation regarding the death of a baby which are led to believe it Sudden Infant Death Syndrome but something just doesn’t sit right with the pathologist on the case and straight away we are pulled into the investigation which also includes similar cases – are they linked?

I really enjoyed how the author also provided us with another storyline to become embroiled in as we follow the stories and loves of two young girls in care over thirty years ago. You know that this is going to be linked to the current storyline line but how? How the author links these stories and completely contrasting characters is brilliant. I really enjoyed this aspect of the story although found it quite upsetting the more we learnt about the girls and how different their lives turned out.

As I have mentioned, the author was a Crime Analyst herself and I really found it fascinating to read about this aspect of the investigation. As they are not actually a member of the Police Force, they have different responsibilities and maybe not quite as much authority but are still just as integral in investigations. 

Considering this is a debut book from Merilyn Davies, I absolutely devoured this as I couldn’t quite figure out how things would turn out. I’m really looking forward to reading more as I think this partnership has a lot more to give!

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About the Author

Merilyn Davies

Merilyn Davies is a former Crime Analyst with the Metropolitan Police who worked as part of the violent and hate crime unit for eight years. She was inspired to write about strong women working in the police force thanks to the incredible women she encountered on the force, and was fascinated to explore the relationship between civilians working in the force and police officers, drawing on her own experiences being married to a serving MET officer.

Her debut novel When I Lost You is set in her home city of Oxford, showing a much darker, grittier side to this idyllic tourist town. She studied Sociology at university and is fascinated with the manner in which society leads people down criminal paths.

She was co-founder of the Chipping Norton Literary Festival and now works for Oxford City Council.

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#BlogTour ~ Death and Other Happy Endings by Melanie Cantor @melaniecantor @AnneCater #RandomThingsTours

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Death and Other Happy Endings by Melanie Cantor.

Death and Other Happy Endings was published on 6th June 2019 by Transworld.


Death and Other Happy Endings Cover

Jennifer Cole has just been told that she has a terminal blood disease. She has three months to live — ninety days to say goodbye to friends and family and put her affairs in order.

Trying to focus on the positives (at least she’ll never lose her teeth) Jennifer realises she has one overriding regret: the words she’s left unsaid. 

Rather than pursuing a frantic bucket list, she chooses to stay put, and write letters to three significant people in her life: her overbearing, selfish sister, her jelly-spined, cheating ex-husband, and her charming, unreliable ex-boyfriend finally telling them the things she’s always wanted to say but never dared.

At first, Jennifer feels cleansed by her catharsis. Liberated, even. But once you start telling the truth, it’s hard to stop. And, as she soon discovers, the truth isn’t always as straightforward as it seems, and death has a way of surprising you …

* * * * * * * * *

Thank you to Anne Cater and the publisher for issuing me with my review copy of the book and for inviting me to take part on the blog tour.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started to read this book, it doesn’t sound like it could be the happiest of stories but I needn’t have worried as it was an absolute joy from start to finish!

Melanie Cantor has written a beautiful heartfelt story but also filled with humour that kept me fully entertained until the end. Although this book could have gone a different way, I’m glad that it isn’t and focuses on Jennifer and her way of wanting some closure and clarity on relationships she had with people in the past. She becomes more truthful having previously been someone who maybe hasn’t stood up for herself and becomes a more liberated person because of this.

Having written letters to her sister, ex husband and ex boyfriend, we learn more about the relationships she has with them and how much their actions have clearly affected her. Cantor writes with such realism that you can’t help but become swept along with Jennifer as she faces her stark prognosis. In a way this helps her finally face up to things that have happened in the past and realise that it isn’t her fault. 

Despite thinking I knew how things would go, I was pleasantly surprised with the added twists that the author has in store for us. Following Jennifer through her story and her last few months of life show us that life is too short to have regrets. Stay close to the people that mean something to you and are there for you and say adios to the people that don’t!

A beautiful book that I would highly recommend. I wish I could read it again for the first time!

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Death and Other Happy Endings BT Poster

About the Author

Melanie Cantor Author Picture

Melanie Cantor was a celebrity agent and publicist for over thirty years. Her clients included Ulrika Jonsson, Melinda Messenger and Melanie Sykes.

In 2004, she hosted a makeover show on Channel 4 called Making Space and in 2017 having just turned 60 she was scouted on Kings Cross station, subsequently appearing as a real model in the most recent Dove campaign.

She turned her hand to writing in 2008. Death and other Happy Endings is her first published novel.

Twitter @melaniecantor

#BlogTour ~ Murder on the Rocks by J.S Strange @JackSamStrange @damppebbles @PantherPubs #damppebblesblogtours

A big welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Murder on the Rocks by J S Strange.

Murder on the Rocks was published on 1st March 2019.

Murder on the Rocks Front Cover

When PI Jordan Jenner returns to work following the death of his mother, his first case involves a murdered writer…

James Fairview has been killed. As a member of a prestigious writing group hosted by bestselling author Joseph Gordon in the heart of Cardiff, Jordan not only has to cope with solving the mystery, but also deal with press attention.

As Jordan investigates, he discovers his mother’s death may not have been so simple. And when another writer is murdered, Jordan realises the killer could strike again…

A murdered writer, a mysterious death, and a group with jealousy at its heart, this is Jenner’s toughest case yet.

A cosy murder mystery with a gay male detective, Murder on the Rocks is the first in the Jordan Jenner Mysteries series.

If you’re a fan of classic whodunits you will love this!

* * * * * * * *

Thank you to Emma at Damppebbles and the publisher for issuing me with my review copy of the book and for inviting me to take part on the blog tour.

I really enjoyed this book – it has been described as a cosy mystery which I really love. Sometimes you just need to appreciate a book that isn’t all blood and gore and this was the perfect example of this!

I really liked Jordan and hope that there will be more in the series as I enjoyed the investigation he becomes embroiled in. Following the murder of a guest at a writers group, Jordan is asked to help investigate and see if he can shed any light on what really happened. We learn that Jordan has just returned to work following the death of his mother and we get a sense that he is struggling to deal with his conflicted emotions and getting back to work will help him begin to deal with his feelings.

J S Strange has written a well put together mystery in the first of the Jordan Jenner books with an array of interesting and scheming characters that all appear to be equally guilty. There are red herrings all over the place that I didn’t really pick up on things that later became evident the more I read! 

With the short and snappy chapters, I found myself reading quickly, eager to get to the bottom of what had happened and why. I completely agree with another reviewer that said this would make a great TV series, I can see this working really well!

I’m looking forward to what Jordan Jenner gets involved with next.

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Murder on the Rocks Blog Tour.png

About the Author

JS Strange.jpg

J.S. Strange is an author from Wales, United Kingdom. He writes crime, mystery and horror. His first novels, published in 2016 and 2017, were set in an apocalyptic London. Murder on the Rocks, is the first in a cozy crime mystery series, featuring a leading gay male detective. 

Murder on the Rocks was written by Strange for many reasons. One of those reasons was a lack of representation within the crime genre, particularly with detectives and sleuths. Strange created Jordan Jenner, a private investigator, who lives and works in Cardiff. Murder on the Rocks was written with the intention of shining light on Cardiff, and bringing Cardiff, and furthermore, Wales, into the crime genre. 

Strange’s previous works, such as ‘Winter Smith: London Burning’, also explored LGBT themes, and featured socialite Winter Smith escaping a zombie apocalypse. ‘London’s Burning’ became an Amazon best-seller in LGBT fiction. 

When Strange doesn’t write, he works in television. He also presents a radio show all about the paranormal. He has an enthusiasm for Britney Spears and cats. 

Jack can be reached on Twitter: @JackSamStrange

Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JackSamStrange @JackSamStrange

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JackSamuelStrange/

Website: https://jacksamstrange.com/?fbclid=IwAR1DGDgRPWre63XkLzW8kkcnBy2BBZ2g9TFTNU71K8vnJUDDapY_6igh4nA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jsstrange/

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/l/B01AUNFQ78?_encoding=UTF8&redirectedFromKindleDbs=true&ref_=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1&rfkd=1&shoppingPortalEnabled=true