White Lies & Wishes by Cathy Bramley

cathy-bramleyThere are some authors who’s books I have to buy as soon as they have been published, Katie Fforde, Trisha Ashley, Jill Mansell, Jeffery Deaver and Cathy Bramley has just been added to this list.

I loved this book. I managed to read in two days (and I was at work for one of them!) that was how much I liked it. The downside to this is that it is over too quickly!

We are introduced to 3 different characters who come across each other at a funeral. Jo, who works for her family’s shoe company. Carrie, who is an overeating housewife and Sarah an ambitious accountant who has recently returned back to work after having her first child. On first appearances they appear to be happy with their lives however we learn from them individually that this isn’t the case and they decide to set up a wishlist of something they individually want to achieve.

Throughout the story we learn about the characters and I loved hearing about what set them on this certain path in their life and how their priorities start to slowly change. The friendship of the women is tested at some points but I liked that it wasn’t all plain sailing and made them face challenges.

A lovely well written story from an author who hasn’t disappointed so far. I’ve enjoyed other books by Cathy Bramley and I think sometimes this puts the book you are reading under pressure to be just as good but I’m happy to say this didn’t disappoint and I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely book!

Other books I have enjoyed by this author were ‘Unconditional Love’ and ‘Appleby Farm’.

Rating: 5/5


First Post!

img_20161208_192551Wow, first blog and first post time!

I’ve read some lovely blogs over the years so if mine can be half as good, I will be very happy!

I am starting this post with the book I am currently reading – The Little Teashop of Lost and Found by Trisha Ashley.

I was kindly sent this to read by the lovely Poppy Stimpson at Transworld Books and I was so excited to receive as I absolutely adored Twelve Days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley. It’s the one book I re-read in the run up to Christmas and also the one that I recommend to anyone who reads, mentions they have ever read a book in their life…..

The thing I love about Trisha Ashley books are that they feel like you are visiting an old friend. Her books tend to mention previous characters and villages and I love that it takes me right back to earlier books that I have loved.

I best get back to reading!